B64 Base64 Encode

Encode any text as a Base64 encoded string.

What is Base64?

Base64 is a form of encoding used to transform any set of characters into an ASCII text format. More info on Wikipedia.

For what is Base64 encoding used for?

It is primarily used for safe transfer of binary data( images, audio, videos ) in web pages and email attachments. It may also be used in database storage. The downside is that it increases data size by around 30%.

How does Base64 text look like?

The encoded Base64 version of the text "Hello!" will look like "SGVsbG8h". Try it out!

I have a Base64 encoded text. How can I decode it?

You can use the Base64 Decoder to decode a Base64 encoded string to it's original ASCII value.

Is there a JavaScript alternative to Base64 encoding?

Yes, there is. You can use window.btoa(); to convert a text to a Base64 string. Take note that btoa() is available from Internet Explorer 10 upwords. Check Mozilla for additional browser compatibility information.