CSS CSS Minifier

Minify / Compress CSS code to it's smallest size to save bandwidth and reduce download time.

What is a CSS Minifier?

It is a form of light compression where unneeded characters are removed without affecting how the browser renders the code with the goal of reducing the size of the code that needs to be transferred over the web. It removes new lines, spaces, unneeded semicolons, comments, shrinks hexadecimal codes, etc.

How much code it will reduce?

CSS minification can reduce the text size between 5-25%. It depends on how the CSS code was written.

On which CSS versions does it work?

This CSS optimizer will work on CSS2 and CSS3.

Does it changes how the code is written?

No. Besides removing some unneeded characters it will not parse the code in any way. The CSS minifier looks for simple pattern matches to replace or remove specific characters.

Does this rely on a public CSS optimizer script?

All the code used to minify the CSS is written by our team. It was thoroughly tested on a lot of websites. Altho we expect some bugs may still happen on edge cases. Please test the compressed code before moving to production.