{ ; } JSON Minifier / Compressor / Optimizer

Compress a JSON encoded string to it's smallest form.

What is JSON Minifier?

JSON Minifier applies a form of light compression by removing unneeded characters from a JSON encoded string. It mostly removes white spaces and new lines between the values, since in JSON these are optional.

For what is JSON Minifier useful for?

Because of the smaller number of characters used to encode the same values it allows for faster data transfer over the web. Because page speed is important this is very handy.

What is JSON?

It is a open standard format that uses human-readable text. More info on Wikipedia

Where is JSON used?

It is a popular format for storing and transferring data over the web. Typically it is transfered over API calls, ajax requests, or as a form of storing data in databases or files. Actually all apps on this site are generated from a list of JSON files where instructions on how they should look and behave are stored.

How can I beautify a JSON string?

We have a separate app for that called JSON Beautifier