PW Easy Password Generator

Are strong passwords hard to remember? No problem!

Generate a strong password using a simple text as a reference, e.g., a domain, a name, a date. Something that you can easily remember. Use the same reference to get the same password back.

What is a Password Generator?

It's a script that allows you to generate random passwords which you can use in when creating accounts. The generated password is extremely strong and impossible to brute-force using todays technology.

Why is this different from all other password generators?

Most password generators will create a new password each time you request one. That means you still need to save the generated password somewhere. Typically they offer to store the generated password for you.

With this password generator you won't have to save any passwords. You can write something that you easily remember like dog and it will use that as a seed to generate a super strong password for you.

Use the strong password in your accounts. When you need to log in back to your account, come back here, and write your easy to remember text( eg. "dog" ) again.

What happens if the password generator script is no longer available?

We will make sure we keep this app up and running for a long time. But even if at one point you can't access the app to generate the strong passwords again you can always reset your passwords in your accounts( eg. Google, Apple, etc. ).

Do you store the passwords?

We don't store any passwords. The script that generates the strong password is a PHP script and returns the result immediately without any other processing. If this app gets more popular we are planning in making a JavaScript version instead so that it runs client side without your passwords ever reaching our servers. We are also planning on publishing our code on Github for public review.