LINK Link Extractor

Easily extract all webpage links found in a text.

What is a link extractor?

If you have a document with multiple links embedded just copy the text from the document in the box above and click the submit button. The result will only show the links found in that text.

Why should I use it?

It helps to save time instead of manually searching the document for all the links.

Do you store any submitted data?

We don't store user submitted content. All information is discarded after the extractor is executed.

Do you have any other similar tools?

Yes we do. We have the Email extractor which helps to extract all the emails from a document, Text from HTML which extracts all text from an HTML document, and Text from XML which extracts all text from an XML document.

What is a link?

A link or hyperlink is a HTML tag which allows users to jump from one web page to another.