Digital Space Apps

Apps for the web. Find various simple tools that can help you in your work and daily life quickly and with no distractions. Designed to work just like desktop or mobile apps by being available instantly, have clear functionality in mind, easy to use and with no distractions.

Our apps are always available with no pesky updates required.

Maximum Privacy. We don't use any tracking scripts, cookies and we don't store any submitted data. We only save how many times the apps are used to know what people want. That's it!

Use your browser to bookmark the apps to quickly come back to them when needed. If you want to suggest a feature, app or report a bug please email us at

Base64 Decode Decode a Base64 string to it's original ASCII value. Base64 Encode Encode any text as a Base64 encoded string. Character Counter Count the number of characters in a text. CSS Minifier Minify / Compress CSS code to it's smallest size to save bandwidth and reduce download time. Easy Password Generator Generate a strong password using a simple text as a reference, e.g., a domain, a name, a date. Something that you can easily remember. Use the same reference to get the same password back. Email Extractor Automatically extract all email addresses from any text. HTML Entity Decoder Decode any HTML encoded string to be easier to read. HTML Entity Encoder Convert all applicable characters to HTML entities. HTML Minifier / Compressor Minify any HTML text to it's smallest size. Javascript Minifier / Compressor Minify any JavaScript code to it's smallest size. JSON Beautifier Formats a JSON encoded string to be easier to read. JSON Minifier / Compressor / Optimizer Compress a JSON encoded string to it's smallest form. JSON to PHP Array This script takes a JSON formatted string and converts into an array that can be pasted directly in your PHP code. JSON to Serialized PHP Convert a JSON encoded string to a PHP serialized encoded string. Link Extractor Easily extract all webpage links found in a text. MD5 Hash Generator Generate an md5 hash from any string. Remove Duplicate Text Lines Remove all lines in a text that are duplicate. Remove Empty Text Lines Remove all lines that contain no text. Reverse Text Simple tool to reverse the characters in a text. Text from HTML Extractor Extracts all the text from an HTML encoded text automatically. Text from XML extractor Extracts all the text from an XML string automatically. Text Line Counter Count the number of lines in a text. Text to Lowercase Easily convert all text characters to lowercase. Text to Uppercase Easily convert all text characters to uppercase. URL Decoder Decode any URL encoded string to be easier to read. Word Counter Easily count the number of all lines contained in a text